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Launch of new demolition excavators

Introducing the new models Cat 340 UHD and Cat 352 UHD


New Cat® 340 UHD Demolition Excavator Features Higher Vertical Reach and More Configuration Flexibility.

Built to withstand difficult demolition of tall structures, the new Cat® 340 UHD Ultra High Demolition excavator boasts a more than 13% higher pin height than the 340F UHD to reach up to eight-floor structures. More UHD and Retrofit boom/stick configurations, along with a range of Cat demolition attachments, deliver increased machine flexibility to meet contractors’ jobsite needs to maximize machine utilization. Its unique coupling system allows for switching between two UHD fronts and Retrofit booms and sticks with no special tools in 15 minutes.


The Cat® 352 UHD Ultra High Demolition excavator

Designed to handle difficult demolition of tall structures using a range of Cat demolition attachments, including multi-processors, grapples, shears and hydraulic hammers with the retrofit boom. The UHD front can be switched for a straight or bent (retrofit) boom position for lower-level demolition and earthmoving applications. This switch typically is done in about 15 minutes with 2 people with no special tool required. The 352 UHD features a variable-gauge undercarriage (hydraulically activated), as well as the Cat Active Stability Monitoring system, which continuously informs the operator of work tool position within a safe working range and warns when approaching stability limits.


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