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The landscaping season has started – get the job done with Cat® mini excavators

When it comes to landscaping, nothing beats the practicality and versatility of a Cat mini excavator. Spring and summer are high season for landscaping work. For example, new family homes built last year, need now their gardens and backyards been finalized.

The extensive line of Cat® mini hydraulic excavators from 1-10 tons offers the performance to dig in and be productive on every job. They provide you with state-of-the-art excavation power and efficient hydraulics. The cab has all comfort features from Caterpillar’s largest models and is both a quiet, spacious and comfortable working environment. The main controls are easily accessible. Various buckets and accessories are easy to change thanks to the quick release. With features such as auto idle, cruise control, and efficient hydraulics with a variable displacement pump, the Cat mini excavator was designed to reduce your operating costs und maximize usability.  The 3- to 8-ton excavators also feature a completely new operating system to control operation, maintenance, performance and safety, which is optimized for this machine category.
The machines are equipped with many easy-to-use functions such as the Stick Steer joystick control, cruise control for long rides, the High Flow option, and other innovations.

Why a Caterpillar Mini Excavator?

The Cat Mini Excavator delivers maximum power and performance in a mini size and is the perfect machine for landscaping work. Numerous features are adapted from larger excavators and that makes the usability very pleasant. Maintenance is quick and easy as check points are easy to access and handle. In addition, both new and used Caterpillars have high demand and the maintain their resale value well. 

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