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Avesco to Deliver Caterpillar Mining Machinery to Tapojärvi

Avesco Oy and Tapojärvi Oy have signed a sizeable contract on 3 July 2020 about the delivery of Caterpillar mining machinery to the Siilinjärvi mine, where Tapojärvi is set to begin the production of mining services on 1 January 2022. In addition to the delivery of machinery, the contract also includes training in operation and maintenance, technical support and spare parts deliveries.

According to the contract, Avesco is going to be supplying Tapojärvi with loaders, mining trucks, dozers and a grader for mining operations, and the machinery is going to be delivered to the Siilinjärvi mine for assembly during 2021.

“The deal is significant for Avesco Oy - and, on a European scale, even for the entire Avesco group", says Teemu Raitis, the Chief Executive Officer at Avesco. The Caterpillar brand has long traditions in Finland and also in the Siilinjärvi mine. The contract will ensure that the tradition continues far into the future. “This project is a great opportunity for Avesco Oy to provide best customer value by offering a comprehensive service, including training and maintenance, to the Finnish mining machinery market”, Raitis says.

Finnish Avesco Oy is part of the Swiss Avesco group. Avesco group purchased the Baltic and Finnish Caterpillar business operations from Wihuri Tekninen Kauppa in an asset deal in the beginning of 2020. Avesco has represented the Caterpillar brand in Switzerland since 1931, in the Baltics since 2016 and in Finland since 2020. Avesco Oy now employs 240 professionals, the majority of which have long experience in the sales and maintenance of Caterpillar machines and engines.

More information:

Teemu Raitis, CEO, Avesco Oy, mobile +358 40 035 2334