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Next Generation Cat 325

Higher performance and efficiency.

Now available.

The new Cat® 325 hydraulic excavator features a compact radius design, making it ideal for working in tight spaces. It delivers premium performance with integrated simple-to-use technologies to reduce operator fatigue and boost efficiencies up to 45 percent compared to previous models. The new excavator also offers reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, and improved operator comfort at a low cost-per-hour performance.

The 325 introduces many new features designed to improve versatility. Due to the ever-growing restrictions on transport requirements, two new counterweights are now available. An 8.3 ton, designed to maximize lifting performance, and a 4.9 ton, designed to contain the overall machine weight where more stringent transport limits are in place. Additionally, an optional blade is available from the factory, making cleaning jobs easier while acting as a stabilizer to improve lifting capability.

Reach or Variable Angle boom, a variety of hydraulic tool controls, and a choice of couplers and buckets all make the new 325 a versatile machine.

Extensively tested on the job, the Cat C4.4 engine meets the latest emission standards and efficiently powers the new 325 excavator in the toughest conditions, reducing fuel consumption up to 25 percent compared to the 325F. The aftertreatment system requires no maintenance or downtime. The new Cat model features three selectable power modes to match the excavator to the application for increased fuel efficiency. 

Operating simplicity is key to the design of this new machine. Operators can program and store joystick and power mode settings using an operator ID. Navigate quickly and access the operator’s manual using the high-resolution touchscreen monitor. The new excavator features a keyless push-button engine start, using operator ID codes to limit and track machine access.